JULY, 2014

Greetings from the Big Kahuna! Are you believing this weather ??? What a beautiful week we have had! Coolest week in July I can remember and the sunny blue skies have been incredible!

All that Chris and I have been doing for that last few weeks is stripe and cat fishing with some great days depending on the current flow . The white bass have not been as great as usual but the yellows have been really good. Everyday you have to just get out and find them by following the concentrations of shad minnows. We have been catching them 3 ways. First in line spinners in lime and green.  Second, cast master jigging spoons quarter ounce silver and red.  The third way we just started in last couple weeks. We are using small minnows dropping over side of boat. This is working great. Most fish are coming out of 6-10 ft of water a few are deeper. We are fishing in creek bend going into mouths of major bays. For some reason these fish are staging on top of the ledges instead of off in the deeper water.

Bluegill fishing is slow but I did take a bluegill trip earlier this month and caught several in 8 ft of water. They are fun to catch but these were just not quite big enough for my cook! These were caught dragging crickets on the bottom.

Crappie fishing has been slow but some good bags have still been caught in deep brush piles using minnows. Try to keep your bait just above the brush.

Catfishing is great! I have caught some of the nicest coolers full of cats I have seen this year. These fish are coming out of main river holes and depths of 35 to 55 ft . Don't hesitate to fish that deep. Most of the ones we have caught this week have been in this deep water. Be aware of river traffic if you are fishing in main channel however some deep holes are out in the middle of the lake. Almost all are Blues with a few channel cats mixed in. They are running from 2-5 pounds. Biggest one lately 16.87 pounds. A real thrill to reel in one of these big ones. We are using single hook rigs with half ounce weights. I have been using old fashioned bait....worms! Shrimp will work also but due to my severe shrimp allergy if we use these you will bait your own hook!

I have talked to several people who say the bass are spotty but appear to be still on the main lake ledges but the bite is a little slower than a couple weeks ago according to the bass fishermen I have talked with this week. Best bait seems to be big worms any color with cream being hot rigged up Texas style, as well as Sammies and Strike King # 10 crank bait.

Out on the lake we are still seeing Osprey, comarants and only a few seagulls. No eagle sighting lately but I expect they are there we have just not been looking close enough in trees. Our baby birds from sailboat have moved on but will probably be back again next year. The open end of the boom is very protected and they seem to enjoy a ride now and again!

Mid summer is a great time to take a break and enjoy the lake life. If you are not fishing, the water temps are very pleasant for floating on a raft or swimming with friends. Most know that I do not swim till July 4th because I do not like cold water! I swam earlier this year than usual and water has stayed very comfortable (even for me)Moors Resort and Marina is a great getaway to enjoy it all.  Give them a call.

Happy fishing! And I will see you on the lake!

Don Schnuck
The Big Kahuna

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