October 28 2014

Hello guys and gals! Hope everyone is well. If you have been out on the lake in the last week or so you already know it is as good as it gets! For the changing of the leaves the red and yellow colors are incredible. The west bank is catching up with the east bank. Try to get out and see the colors before the leaves are gone for the winter.

The big birds are showing up in big numbers for their winter stay. Over the weekend we saw what some thought was the biggest hawk ever (however it was argued to possibly be the biggest hornets nest). Whatever it was big! I swear I saw it turn its head. The pelicans can be seen in most parts of the lake and also below both Kentucky and Barkley dams.

Chris and I have been out several days in the last few weeks with good results on most trips. One thing we deal with daily is the current flow and the lake level going up and down as much as 6 inches overnight. There has been as many as 13 gates open and as few as one gate open can change your fishing plans.

Crappie fishing has been good but you have to find them since they are on the move. One day they are back in the bays in 16-20 ft water, then the next day they move to the main lake so you have to look around for them. We have been using minnows and tube jigs fishing over brush piles and stake beds.

White Bass
White bass are still active but not as fast as earlier. Try in line spinner with 3/4 oz jigging spoons. Try to find some shad close to some current off the river bends.

Catfish are biting OK. One day last week we left the crappie just to catfish and caught some great ones. All were blue cats in 36-46 ft of water in the main lake holes. We were fishing off a big river drop off. I switched bait to minnows thinking we might catch a sauger but instead caught some yellow bass!

Bass fishing is fair to good. The big FLW tournament was this last weekend. There were some great weights brought in. I talked to several of the guys and they let me know you just had to be in the right spot. What seemed to work was all kinds of top water baits and Sammies fished in the back of the bays for the most part.

It is a great time of the year to come on down to the lake and stay a few days at Moors resort for a little relaxation and a amazing colorful view of the lake.
Call now and book those spring trips so you get the dates you want!

Good Fishing
Don Schnuck
The Big Kahuna

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