Hello guys and gals! Here is our Sept fishing report. We all know how absolutely beautiful the weather has been lately! You can not beat these temperatures. I am enjoying this break from the heat ( of course we know still some hot days ahead).
All the fishing we have done in the last few weeks has been doing after three species, white bass, yellow bass and catfish, with great results!

What we have to do on these fish is try to find massive baitfish pods but without generation from either dam sometimes they are hard to find and no amount of high dollar electronics will help. Any little current will help hold the baitfish against the ledges and makes whites easier to target. We have had some great days in the last few weeks, some of the biggest white bass I have ever caught. What we have been doing to catch them is use Kens hybrid spinner lime green and white as well as chrome. I have changed in last two weeks to 3/8 oz (from 1/4 oz) and working well. If you have trouble finding these fish your backup plan needs to be yellow bass.

Fishing for yellows has been as good as I have ever seen. If everything else is slow this is the fish to turn to. They are fun to catch and great to eat. One friend has decided these are his favorite and he has learned to cook them nearly as good as my wife (they birth studied under the best fish cook ever Mama Ruth Atherton). We have caught these in great numbers and good size. To catch these we have done two things. First fish the river and creek bed s as well as flats in 6ft of water. Second we are using cast master fishing spoons 1/4 oz on chrome/red and chrome/green. However best bait has been minnows.

We have found these fish in big numbers hanging just off secondary river channels. The most important thin to remember is when you get hooked up always watch electronics and make sure to pay attention to water depth. On a trip last week, we finished out a trip on a favorite river ledge finding the fish stacked from 20-55ft. Our best bite came out of 44 ft. For some reason the deeper fish did not want to bite. I have been using worms but shrimp will work also.
Crappie-I have not been crappie fishing yet but I know great fishing is just around the corner. A friend had a great day last week. He was casting curly tails in 10 ft water. Chris has been out several times and caught real nice keeper crappie . The really good news is the both caught lots and lots of 8-91/2 crappie. This is something that did not happen in the spring. This lets us know we had maybe two good spawns in a row.

Bass fishing has been good for some and slow for others. I was there for BassMaster weigh in and some real good fishermen had trouble catching the big ones. But as usual a few great sacks were weighed in. The baits used by most was Kens big spoons Strike King 10 and any worm you are comfortable with rigged on a shaky head.

Since Labor Day the lake is less crowded. We have seen huge numbers of deer and lots of birds. I have seen the largest group on turkey buzzards ever circling on Barkley lake. Also some were moving in on point where we usually see the cormorants . This is great time to visit lake area and great time to come for a relaxing stay at Moors Resort.

Good Fishing
Big Kahuna

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