May 11, 2015

Hello to everyone! Sorry for it taking a while to get a report out, but we have been super busy with clients or out on the lake trying to find fish and keep up with the everyday changes. The weather forecast does not look good for today, so I decided to take a day off from fishing and catch up on other chores. This is the first one of the day.

The weather has been fantastic as of late after a week of cold and windy conditions that really created challenging fishing conditions. As of lately, temperatures have been up in the 80's and sometimes downright hot, but I am not complaining. The current lake conditions, as of this morning, is that Kentucky Lake sits at 359.27 feet and Barkley is at 359.35. Both lakes are at 67 degrees, which is reported from the dams.

Blue Gill: All of our recent efforts have been for bluegill. We have had some nice catches, but have had to move a lot more than in past years and cover a lot of water. We are catching most of our fish dragging crickets or worms on the bottom in usually 4 to 6 feet of water. Some fish are also caught casting a small jig under a weighted cork. They seem to bite it better if its tipped with some type of live bait. Look for sandy or gravel areas. The depth seems to vary on a day to day basis, and sometimes they move during the day. I have had to really look around a lot, because every area that looks good or has produced in the past years has not produced. There is really a lot of pressure on these fish, so letís try to protect our resource by releasing the females and not catching all the fish out of an area.

Bass: While searching for bluegill, we have occasionally picked up a red ear, some decent bass, and several channel cats. We have not fished for bass, but based on the recent Rayovac tournament most fish have spawned and moved out to offshore areas.

Crappie: This has not been another endeavor, and I have seen very few anglers attempting it. However, I am getting the itch to try. My guess is these fish are still in a post spawn funk, but one doesn't know until they try. If I went looking, I would get my minnow bucket and hit some deep brush piles.

If you haven't visited the Moors Resort, now is the time to do so. They have great accommodations with a full service marina and great restaurant. Even if you do not fish, there are many things to do and see in this area. Just Saturday, I was with some customers on the LBL side fishing, and an eagle flew by within 50 yards and perched in a tree in full view. Things like that are what people miss by not being outdoors.

A big thanks once again to all of the people we have fished with us this year. We enjoyed your company, and the time we spent on the water.

Best Wishes
Chris and Don
The Big Kahuna's Guide Service

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