March 16 2014|
FISHING REPORT by The Big Kahuna

Hello guys and gals! Sorry for the late report, but up until the last 4 or 5 days, there has not been much to report as far as fishing goes. The snow has finally melted, and the ice is all gone. We could not even get our boats down the ramp until the third Thursday in February. I know everyone is getting cabin fever, and even now the weather is still hit or miss when it comes to wind and temperature. As of today the water temperature is showing 51 degrees. What an improvement! Along with the improvement of temperature, all the spillways at Kentucky Dam have been closed. This will also improve the fishing. I have talked to many fishermen, and everyone reports as I do. The fishing is spotty, but improving with each sunny day warming up the water.
Our usual way of fishing has not been paying off in the deep brush piles. With the slowing of the current, this will change each day. In the past week, I have seen several very nice fish. Casting to brush piles in 8í-10í of water, slow trolling, or drifting with jigs or minnows has been paying off. With the predicted gradual warm up, I look for improvement with each day. The black crappie are already on the move.

Once again, one jig that seems to be out fishing the others is Bobby Garland's Electric Chicken, hot pink and green.

As for bass, Iíve heard spotty reports. Recent tournaments with several entrants have brought in some 15-20 pound bags. The hot baits in the cool water are slow rolling spinner baits of your choice or any type of jerk baits you have confidence in fishing main lake and secondary points.
Spring is just around the corner, so get ready to get out and enjoy all these beautiful lakes have to offer.

As most know, I enjoy the birds and wildlife. The pelicans are still here in great numbers. The loons are pairing up for mating season, and Iíve seen eagles on the north part of the lake. We have not seen the fish birds this year and maybe this is a good sign.  We have had a real tough winter, and now is the time to make your reservations and spend a few days away and enjoy the beautiful spring days just ahead. Be sure to check out the last video by Midwest Outdoors (on Moors website).

Don Schnuck
The Big Kahuna Fishing Guide Service


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