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Fishing Report

Hello guys and gals! Sorry for the late report, but we have been after it on the water trying to keep up with the fish. We want to thank everyone that has fished with us this spring. We have enjoyed meeting all of you and the time we spent together on the water.

Spring has finally arrived, as the trees are full of leaves and everything is blooming. The weather is still throwing us an occasional curve ball, but none of us can control that, and we just deal with it the best we can. Heavy rains in the area created about a four foot rise in the lake level in a week’s time. The lake level as of this morning was 361.61, which is 2.5 ft above summer pool. TVA projections show that the lake will start being drawn down today towards summer pool. Now, let’s talk fishing.

Crappie: This is where most of our efforts are still being concentrated. We have had a good spring, but the rising water scattered the fish and made fishing very difficult at times. For us, there has been no pattern other than fish hard and move a lot to try to figure out what is going on, as each day has been different. Most of our fish have come off of our brush piles on minnows with a few on tube jigs. Color choice varies on a day to day basis, as does the depth and location of the brush. We just have to move a lot and cover as much water as we can. Most of the females we have caught have deposited the greatest amount of their eggs, so we think the spawn is mostly over. The work has been hard, but it has produced a respectable amount of fish for us.

Bass: We have not bass fished, but reports have said that large amounts of small buck bass are being caught. A good friend of ours was practicing for an upcoming tournament and said he had caught what would have been a 15 lb limit. I would say most fish would be shallow in the flooded bushes and other cover and on gravel banks. The falling water will, however, reposition the fish until the lake stabilizes.

Bluegill and Catfish: On some days we have mixed in some fishing for these species with mixed results. The recent cold front over the last couple of days has slowed down the activity. The channel cats we caught were on gravel and rock banks in approximately 4 to 6 ft of water. The gills were slightly deeper in the same areas. A good buddy of mine and his wife caught the red ear pretty good one day before the cold front fishing the flooded cover. We think these species should really catch fire when the water warms back up.

Now is the time to head on to Kentucky Lake and beautiful Moors Resort and enjoy some R and R. The loons are still hanging around, and we saw eagles yesterday. The best time to come is whenever you can, as Moors is a great resort with a lot of things to offer, whether you fish or not. Give us a call, and we will get out on the lake, put some fish in the boat, and enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful scenery. Thanks again to all of you that have visited Moors Resort and fished with us this spring. We hope we can do it again soon.


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