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Fishing Report

A warm hello to all, and we hope everyone is doing well. I decided to take a day off from fishing, so I figured I better get a report out. We want to thank everyone who has visited Moors and fished with us recently. We enjoyed your company and the time we spent together on the water.

The current lake conditions as of this morning is that Kentucky's at at 359.77 and Barkley's at 359.85. Both lakes were at 73 degrees, which was reported from both dams. The weather has been like night and day. Last week, there were days I fished in long pants and a hooded sweatshirt with a jacket. Over the past weekend it got downright hot. The forecast for the rest of the week is for the temperatures to be in the upper 80's and lower 90's, so I guess summer has arrived. Now, let's talk fishing.

Bass: I have not bass fished, but I have caught some on jigging spoons while searching for white bass. Everyone is out doing the ledge thing. The Elite boys fishing out of Paris worked them over last week. The anglers who found them were catching 20 pound and over bags each day. Crankbaits, swimbaits, and worms were the lures mainly mentioned.

Bluegill: I fished for gills sparingly this past week and managed to catch a few. For me, they were very scattered. I know that they have been caught and in good numbers by some of my close fishing friends who are good anglers and are honest with me. They told me they drug crickets on the bottom in pea gravel areas and deep chunk rock and pea gravel banks.

Crappie: I have devoted some time to chasing these critters. Historically, June is one of my favorite times to crappie fish. However, they have me scratching my head. I have caught some, but not in the numbers to satisfy myself. My question is, are they not on my pattern, or am I fishing for them at the wrong time of day. I am going to keep trying to figure them out, and see if I can get the numbers up. The fish I have caught are of good quality, however.

Catfish: The catfishing has been very good. I have not specifically targeted them, but I have been catching both blues and channels on minnows in my brush piles while crappie fishing. Don has had some real good success fishing out along the river channel. He used night crawlers and caught real good numbers and quality.

White and Yellow Bass: White bass fishing for us has been inconsistent. We have been catching a few mixed in with the yellows, which we have caught in good numbers. When you find the yellows, the action can be fast, and they are some dandy fish to eat. I cooked some the other night, and one of my buddies told me they were not any good. After eating four plates of them, he agreed with me that they were. We have had our best success on rooster tails out near the river channel and creek mouths.

A big thanks once again to all the people who have fished with us this year. If you get a chance, now is the time to check out Moors. School is out, the weather and water are warming up, so come on out to beautiful Kentucky Lake, and enjoy all the things Moors Resort and the area have to offer.

Best Wishes, Chris and Don The Big Kahunas Fishing Guide Service

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