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Fishing Report

Hello once again to all lake lovers and fishing enthusiasts! Don, Eric, and myself want to thank all of you that have visited Moors Resort and fished with us at anytime during the year. Don especially wants everyone to know how much he appreciated all of the phone calls of people checking on him while he was in the hospital. He is doing better and is able to get out on the water again. Hopefully, they will get him back to 100 percent. Rebecca has purchased a new mower and leaf blower and is expecting him to get busy with them in the near future.

Both lakes continue to be drawn down to winter pool levels. As of 3:00 pm today, Kentucky Lake was at 355.04. The TVA forecast calls for Kentucky to be at 355.05 tomorrow and 355.12 Wednesday. Barkley Lake was reported to be at 355.10. Both lakes were reported to be at 77 degrees taken from each dam. Use extreme caution when boating. If you do not know where you are going, stay between the red and green buoys; They are there for a reason. If you venture outside of them, idle. This is not a laughing matter, because there are many underwater objects that can do a lot of damage to your property and even bodily harm. I am not trying to scare you; I just want you to be safe. I have been watching where some people have been running their boats, and it makes me cringe. Enough of that. Let's talk about something pleasant, like fishing.

The weather man is calling for some thunderstorms tomorrow, which is very much needed, as we are bone dry around here. Wednesday calls for clouds that will then move out by the afternoon. The rest of the week looks sunny and starting Thursday night we are supposed to have some temperatures in the upper 40's and daytime temperatures in the upper 60's.

We have not bass fished, but there was a Walmart BFL two day event held out of Moors this past weekend. After day one, the field was cut to the top 20 boaters. The winner had a two day total of 44 pounds, which is pretty darn good.

Most of our efforts have been quite frankly concentrating on whatever we feel we can get our customers a tug on. That, for the most part, has been Yellow Bass. The yellows have been more difficult to find on some days than they were when we last reported. Most days, we have made respectable catches, and on some days, they have been real good. The fish have become more scattered and have moved shallower, and it usually requires covering a lot of water. Keeper White Bass have been non existent for us. The good news is we have been catching some small ones. I am not saying they cannot be caught. We just aren't catching them. This time of year, one is quite likely to be at the right place at the right time and catch them when they are schooling. When searching for yellows, we usually catch a few bass and an occasional catfish.

As for specifically looking for catfish, I tried for a while Saturday with no luck. One of our good friends and fellow guides fishes for them a lot, and he has been struggling as of late. I know they are out there, and someone surely is catching them.

Finally, I have restored my faith in Crappie fishing. I have been trying them in small doses of late with not much success on keeper size fish. The good news is I was catching several short fish of different spawning classes. Today, I made myself go specifically for Crappie and nothing else. I kept 13 after four and a half hours. This required a lot of moving, and about half of those came off of one spot. While in no way did I burn them up, it does tell me something. If a person wants to be persistent and has enough patience to stay after them, I believe you can catch a pretty good mess. My fish all came on minnows fished vertical over brush in depths ranging from 14 to 24 feet.

If you have a chance, come visit the Moors Resort whether you fish or not. The weather is cooling off and the leaves are beginning to show some fall colors. Yesterday, morning I was out walking through the campground and a Bald Eagle flew right over me about 30 feet in the air. Today, I saw three of them flying around at the same time and one perched in a tree not far from me. October always brings some beautiful scenery and awesome weather. I always said when I retired from teaching it would be my favorite month and that has held true. Make sure you don't miss out. Take some time and come visit. Thanks again to everyone who has patronized Moors Resort and our guide service.

Thanks and Be Safe,

Chris, Don, and Eric

The Big Kahuna's Guide Service

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