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Fishing Report

A warm hello to all of our Moors Resort lovers and fishing friends! Don, Eric, and myself hope all of you are doing well. A big thanks goes out to everyone who has allowed us to take you fishing at any point during the year. We enjoyed getting to meet all of our new customers, and reuniting with the people we have fished with before. Don especially wants to thank everyone for your interest in his health. They finally performed a procedure that got his heart back in rhythm. He is back to feeling like his old self again. I am still waiting to see him try out that new leaf blower Rebecca bought, however.

The current lake elevations as of this morning are as follows: Kentucky Lake is at 354.4 and Barkley is at 354.5. Kentucky is forecasted to stay just about the same for the next two days. Both lakes are recorded at 64 degrees at each of the dams. The current lake levels make these lakes very treacherous, so use extreme caution while navigating. A simple rule is to stay between the buoys. If you get outside of them and do not know where you are going, then idle slowly. The weather is calling for temperatures to reach the mid 70's with a mixture of clouds and sun through Thursday. On Friday, the wind is supposed to turn around to the north bringing the temperatures down into the upper 50's over the weekend. For the early portion of next week the temperatures are supposed to get back up into the 60's with a chance for showers each day. As far as fishing is concerned, our efforts have been concentrated on trying to get our customers a tug on their line and putting some fillets in the freezer. When specifically fishing for yellow bass, we have been able to catch them pretty well with some of the largest ones I have seen all year. A few days we caught some nice white bass mixed in with them. We mainly fished main lake flats with rooster tails to catch these fish. While chasing crappie, it has been a roller coaster ride for us. I have had some days where I caught some decent numbers of fish with the quality being very nice. On some others, I really struggled to catch keeper size fish. On those days, however, the action was still good as we caught a lot of short crappie and keeper-size yellow bass. An occasional catfish also went into the livewell. It is frustrating to not be able to find the keeper-size crappie, but if you do not have little ones, they cannot grow up. We have just covered a lot of water while fishing our brushpiles with a vertical presentation using minnows. Chasing catfish has been another route that has been explored. Don has had some days where he caught them really good, and then upon returning the next day, it proved to be a struggle. That's why they call it fishing. He mainly caught blue catfish, but a few channels were mixed in. These fish were all caught on nightcrawlers or minnows fished along the river channel. If you have not visited Moors, there is still time left this year. The weather is awesome, and the fall colors are gorgeous. We are seeing several eagles, a large numbers of pelicans, and the loons are beginning to show up. Whether you fish or not, come on and check out the resort, and see what the area has to offer. Once again, a big thanks to everyone that spent time with us on the water over the course of the year! God bless and take care.

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