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April Fishing on Kentucky Lake

Greetings, once again, to all of you Kentucky Lake lovers and fishing enthusiasts. I hope the month of April has been treating everyone well. Don, Eric, and myself want to thank everyone that has visited Moors Resort and given us the privilege of taking you fishing. We have enjoyed your company and the time we got to spend with you on the water.

I am finding the water temperature to be around 58 to 60 degrees in the areas we are fishing. The lake has really cleared up from the last report I posted with the main lake being somewhat more clear than the bays. As far as the weather is concerned, it has been wind, wind, and more wind with cooler than normal temperatures. Warmer temperatures and hopefully less wind will be welcomed by all of us and hopefully have a positive impact on fishing. As far as the fishing goes, it is about the same for us as my last report. My pattern is to just go fish hard, try various things, cover a lot of water, and hope for the best. For me, it seems I am likely to catch one on a bank and the next one in 25 foot of water with no one pattern being really any better than the other. We are still catching a lot of non-keeper size fish on most days with the number of keeper size fish down from past years. I am sure someone is probably really catching them, but I am only responsible for what goes on in my boat, and that is a lot of hard fishing and doing the best I can. Most of our fish have came on brush piles anywhere form 8 feet to 30 feet deep. Some days the bay bite is better and other days the main lake seems the best. The wind is often the determining force in where the fishing takes place, as it limits your options when it blows like it has been. We have caught fish on both minnows and jigs fished vertically and this seems to change on a daily basis as well. Today, a jig seemed to be the better choice especially when tipped with a minnow. An orange and chartreuse tube has been a good color for me this year. Once again a big thanks to all of the folks we have taken out on the water over the past few weeks. Be sure to look for your pictures that have been posted along with the report on Moors website. We always enjoy meeting new friends and reuniting with the ones from past years. A special applause goes out to my buddy Conner from Michigan I met last week. He is the only person I have ever had that went from being an apprentice bait boy to a journeyman in a single day of fishing. Myself and your dad want to thank you again for handing us minnows so we could catch fish. Regardless of whether you fish or not, now is the time to come visit Moors Resort. The trees are greening up, flowers and bushes are blooming, and hopefully the weather is turning for the best. We still have loons, pelicans, and we are seeing eagles just about each time we are on the water. The Moors has a lot to offer with a full service marina, a restaurant and bar, a miniature golf course, and a playground, just to mention a few. This area also has a lot of attractions to check out, so come give us a visit. For those of you who would like to get out on the water, give us a call or shoot us an email. Don's cell is 270-559-1366 and his email is If you cannot get a hold of him for some reason, my cell is 270-331-3519 and my email is We all just want to make sure that nobody gets left on the bank if they want to fish and there is anyway possible to make it happen. I promise we will do everything we can to put some fish in the boat, and you will be given first class treatment.

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