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August Fishing on Kentucky Lake

Hello, once again, to all of our Kentucky Lake lovers and fishing enthusiasts. Don, Eric, and myself each hope that August has gotten off to a great start for all of you. We also want to thank all of you that have visited and fished with us this year. We have met some great people and enjoyed catching up on things with the people that have fished with us in past years.

As far as the lake conditions, Kentucky Lake was shown to be at 359.04 today and forecast to fall slightly over the next two days. Barkley was listed to be slightly higher at 359.10 today. Each lake temperature was recorded at 83 degrees. The weather for the remainder of the week looks to be hot with highs reaching into the mid to upper 90's by mid week. Each day looks like we have a good chance for some rain and the winds look to be very fishable. Our fishing efforts, once again, revolve around chasing the White and Yellow Bass for our customers. We have been lucky enough to have had some pretty good catches. Some days are better than others. You just have to go and keep looking and hopefully find some willing to cooperate. Current always helps, but we have no control over that, so we just try to deal with it the best we can. We usually catch some catfish and bass in the mix, as well, when looking for the stripes. We continue to look along the old river channel and mouths of major creeks. Sometimes, we get lucky enough to find them in the jumps and catch some that way. It pays to keep your eyes and ears open while you are fishing for either the sight or sound of the splashes. Our baits of choice continue to be the traditional rooster tail and jigging spoon. Summer is drawing to a close, so now is the the time to come visit Moors Resort and the lakes area before the kids go back to school. The resort and the entire area have a lot to offer as far as things to see and do, regardless of if you fish or not. For anyone that would like to get out on the water with us, give Don or myself a call. His cell number is 270-559-1366 and mine is 270-331-3519. We would love to get to meet and spend time with you and hopefully put some fish in the boat.

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