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February Fishing Report

Once again, The Big Kahuna's Fishing Guide Service would like to say hello to all of our Kentucky Lake and Moors Resort lovers. We hope that the new year has everyone off to a great start! I have not touched base in a while, so I figured I needed to let you folks know what we have been up to.

The current lake levels posted by TVA have Kentucky at 354.59 and Barkley at 354.65. The forecast calls for Kentucky to be at 353.92 by midnight tonight, followed by 353.83 on Wednesday, and 353.83 on Thursday. If you venture out, use caution as these levels are below winter pool. I would also be sure that you know that the ramp you launch on is safe for these levels. Both lakes were recorded to be 43 degrees with that temperature coming from the dams. I went fishing for a bit yesterday and found the main lake to be 53.5 on the surface. Duck season finally came to a merciful end for us. The decoys are picked up, washed and stored away until next year. With that being said, our attention has recently been focused on sinking brush and stake beds. So far, we have been able to make several new spots in different areas, and beefed up some older spots that needed a little attention. The work is hard, but it is satisfying to catch fish off of something you know that you personally created. The more habitat that we each create will have a positive impact on our fishery. While I am on that subject, we have a good population of crappie in the lake. We have both size and creel limits on these fish. Each of us have a responsibility to abide by them and protect our fishery. We all like to catch fish, but is it really necessary to keep a limit every time we can catch one? There is a lot of pressure on these fish, and it is possible to over harvest a lake; I do not care how big it it is. We cannot control a bad spawn, but we can practice some sensible conservation. All I am saying is lets take care of what we have in the lake so we do not get back to where we were. I finally got Kahuna to give me a day off from sinking brush and had a little time to get on the water and fish yesterday. I returned to the same areas I had fished last and found some yellow and white bass that cooperated. I also caught one nice large mouth. Bass, not Kahuna. It was fishing, not catching, and I had to move a lot and work for what I caught. All of the fish came on a jigging spoon. I tried a couple of brush piles for crappie that resulted in two non-keepers. I rode around and checked several more, and just did not see anything that made me want to stop and try, so I decided to check out a few of the new spots we made to be sure I could locate them. It was a gorgeous afternoon and a great way to start out the 2017 fishing season. Sometimes, it is good just to go alone and not have to satisfy anyone but myself. In case you have not noticed, fishing time is here. Actually, it never stopped with the mild winter we have had. Now is the time to make reservations and visit the Moors Resort. In response to the mild weather and numbers of people fishing, the marina will open this Thursday the 23rd. Why wait until later to visit the Moors and Kentucky Lake. There is a lot to do and see besides fish. In the short time I was out yesterday, I saw eagles, loons, geese, and deer. Those of you that would like to go fishing with us at anytime this year, give us a call. We would love to get a chance to meet you and will do everything possible to put you on some fish and show you a great time. We hope to see you soon!

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