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March Fishing Report

Hello again to all of our Kentucky Lake and Moors Resort lovers. Don, Eric, and myself hope each of you have been doing well since our last report. I have been able to get on the water some, so I decided to touch base and let you know what went on in my boat.

I went back to where I had been catching my yellow and white bass, but they had left the building, so I turned my attention to crappie. I have been able to find the crappie anywhere from 8 to 20 feet deep. I have caught them on both minnows and jigs fished vertical with nothing being predominant over the other. The colors and styles I have had my best luck on are a pumpkin seed tube, and chartreuse Bobby Garland twin tail slab slayer. Yesterday, I also caught some fish casting a green curly tail to brush piles in some of the shallower water. In the two trips I ventured out on, I would rate the fishing very good. Keep in mind, I picked the days I went . Every day on the water is different. When you think you have them figured out, they throw you a curve and you have to start all over again. Some days they win, and I never can break the code. One thing I have discovered is that for me, the bite seemed to be better on up in the morning or later in the day, which is typical for early spring and late winter fishing based on my past experiences for whatever that is worth.

Whether you fish or not, now is a good time to visit the Moors Resort and Kentucky Lake area. The trees are budding out, blooming, and some even have leaves beginning to show. While I have been on the water, I have been seeing eagles, loons, and pelicans on occasion. For any of you that would like to give the fish a try, give us a call. Don's cell is 270-559-1366 and mine is 270-331-3519. I promise we will do our best to show you a good time and put some fish in the basket.

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