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April Fishing Report

A warm hello from the Big Kahunas Guide Service to all of our friends and followers! Don, Eric, and myself each hope that all has been well since my last report and also want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I know it has been a while since my last report, but it has pretty much been nothing but fish, eat, and sleep.

As for lake conditions T.V.A says that as of 6 am this morning Kentucky Lake was at 358.16 and Barkley is at 358.20. Both lakes were reported to be at 61 degrees with those being recorded at each dam. Kentucky Lake is projected to be at 358.34 on Monday and 358.46 by Tuesday. In the areas I have been fishing the temperature has been around 68 degrees. Weather wise, it looks as if we are in for a pretty good chance of thunderstorms each day of the upcoming week except for Tuesday. Temperatures are looking to range from the upper 60's and into the 80's a couple of days, and the winds look to be fishable each day. As far as fishing, what can I say other than WOW! What a difference a year makes. As always, some days are better than others, but in all the years that I have been crappie fishing, I have never caught as many keeper size fish as I have this year. In my boat, the number of slab size fish has been low, but the numbers have been what I consider excellent. Another positive side to the story is that we have been catching an encouraging amount of non keeper fish, which bodes well for the future. If we can get a good spawn this year, we should be set for the next few years. Our fish have been coming in a variety of ways, and I know that people are catching them shallow, deep, and mid range. I have been able to catch some white males on the bank real early in the morning, and then they disappear for me. Most of our fish have been caught vertical fishing minnows and jigs anywhere from 8 to 20 plus feet over our brush or stakes. My jigs of choice have been a pumpkin seed tube and a chartreuse and white Slab Daddy jig both in a one sixteenth weight. Every day is different when I leave the dock, and it also changes on an hourly basis. A person just has to go fish and keep trying different things, and sometimes you can figure out the pieces of the puzzle. I want to take the time to thank each and every person that has visited and fished with us this year! We appreciate the opportunity to spend time on the water with you folks. There truly are a lot of wonderful people in this world. One of the perks of this job is getting to make new friends and visiting with the ones that we have made over past years. If you have not been to Moors Resort and the Kentucky Lake area, now would be a great time. The scenery here at this time is gorgeous. Everything is green and blooming. I am still seeing a lot of loons and an occasional eagle. Sometimes, I even here a turkey gobble. Whether you fish or not, come check out Moors and the area. I do not think you will be disappointed. Moors has a lot of things to offer for adults and kids alike, and there a lot of things to see and do in the area. If anyone wants to go fishing, give myself or Don a call. My number is 270-331-3519 and his is 270-559-1366. We would like to make some new friends and I promise we will treat you good and try our best to put some fish in the boat for you.

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