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May Fishing Report

Greetings to all of our lake lovers and fishing friends out there! Don, Eric, and myself hope all has been well since my last report. We also hope that all of you wonderful moms had a fantastic Mother's Day!

Sorry for dragging my feet on getting a report together. For two weeks with high winds, rain, and cold, I didn't fish enough to really have anything to share. For the last two weeks, I have really been putting a lot of hours in on the water. So with a day off, here we go. Fishing conditions have been a roller coaster ride. We went from summer pool to a 3 feet draw down, and then rapidly rising water to the 363' level. All of you fishermen know that this drastically changes things, and for me, usually complicates matters. As of today, Kentucky Lake is posted at 361.60' and Barkley is 361.70'. Kentucky is forecast to fall to 360.94' on Thursday and then be at 360.41' Friday. The average current flow is predicted to decrease slightly each day. Both lakes are listed as being 73 degrees at each dam. As far as weather, we are currently under a lake wind advisory today. Thursday calls for temperatures in the low 80's, southwest winds at 10-15, and a chance for afternoon thunderstorms. Friday 85, scattered thunderstorms, and a south to south east wind at 5-10. Saturday partly cloudy, 88, south winds 10-15. Sunday looks pretty wet with morning thunderstorms followed by rain, 75 and west winds 10-15. On the fishing end of the spectrum, I would describe it as a fruit salad of fish. For me, the transitional phase of the end of the spring crappie season, and the beginning of finding other species is a tough period. I have put a lot of hours on the water trying to find fish of any type for my customers, but that is my job, and it is very rewarding when I can stumble across something. My last two crappie outings were a flop and abandoned after a couple of hours each day, as it became apparent to me that I couldn't catch them. I am sure other people are, but I am done with them for a while. My recent plan of attack has been I pick something to look for, and if that doesn't work, I try another species. I have bluegill fished and had some success, but I really never found any just wadded up. I had to move a lot to catch what we did. Most of my fish were caught dragging worms and crickets in 3 to 10 foot of water. Frankly, if I could find something else to cooperate, I pursued them. I have had some good catfish trips both out playing and with customers. I caught fish while looking for bluegill and also under floats on rocky banks. Some fish also came in deeper places, bouncing the bottom. My baits when looking for just Mr. Whiskers were shrimp and nightcrawlers. Some of my best luck has been fishing for white bass. I have been lucky enough to have some trips that were really action packed. When T.V.A began pulling water, they just decided to show up. They tend to move on me everyday, and if they are not where they were yesterday, I just keep searching. Sometimes, you find them, and other times you don't. My fish came on in-line spinners and jigging spoons around the mouths of major creeks. Once again, I want to thank all of the people we have fished with this year and in the past. Over the last several days, I made some new friends and got to catch up on things with some old buddies. Like I have said before, there truly are a lot of wonderful people in this world! If you have not had a chance to visit the lakes area and Moors Resort, now is the time to do so. The weather and water are warming up, and it is time for enjoying some lake life! Whether you fish or not, come check out Moors. It has so many things to offer for all ages, and there are a lot of things to see in the entire area. If any of you want to get on the water and give the fish a try, give us a call. We have openings and would love to get to meet you, and hopefully put some fish in the box to take home. I promise we will do our best to show you a good time. My number is 270-331-3519, and Don's is 270-559-1366. Give one of us a call, and we will get you on the lake.

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