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August Fishing Report

Once again, the Big Kahuna's Fishing Guide Service would like to say hello to all of our friends and followers. We hope that since my last report things have been well for each and every one of you! For any of you out there that have not had the chance to make it to Moors Resort and the Kentucky Lake area, we hope that you will be able to visit soon.

As of 6AM this morning, Tuesday, August 21, Kentucky Lake is listed as being at 356.86 with a projected average outflow of 38,540 cubic feet per second. Barkley is listed at being 356.95 with a projected outflow of 18,200 cubic feet per second. Both lakes are recorded to be at 87 degrees with those temperatures taken at each dam. Kentucky Lake is projected to be at 356.79 tomorrow and 356.78 on Wednesday. The projected outflow for both days is 39,000 CFS. With that being said it is getting to the levels where one needs to be aware of where you are when running a boat on either lake. Just because you are in the middle does not mean there is a suitable depth for a boat.

Weather wise, we had some storms roll through last night bringing some much needed rain to the area. The rest of the work week looks like dry weather with nicer temperatures in the lower 80's, and then the heat and humidity will return by the weekend.

As far as fishing goes, we have still been chasing the White and Yellow Bass. Some days we have had some excellent action on the Whites. Then on your trip the next day, you would think they do not exist. On the days we cannot find the Whites we move around and try to find the Yellow Bass. Some days are better than others, but we have been fortunate to make some pretty decent catches of fish for our people. We usually are able to catch a few catfish mixed in, and an occasional Bass. We have not really tried to catch any other species, as we feel that what we are chasing provides the best opportunity to get our peoples lines tugged on and send them home with some fish to eat. The fish are rarely in the same places every day, and the vast majority of the time, it is not easy. One has to just get on the water, pick a spot to start, and go looking from there. Our fish have been coming on jigging spoons and in-line spinners. We have targeted the old Tennessee River channel, underwater islands, and the mouths of major creeks.

For any folks out there that have not made it to Moors Resort or the lakes area you still have time! Labor Day weekend is coming up, and there is still a lot of boating and water activity time left. Moors has everything a person and their family needs while on vacation. You will not even have to leave the premises while you are here. There are many attractions in the immediate area for people to see and places to take your kids while you are here if you choose to do so. We would love to have you visit the area and a get a taste of Kentucky Lake life!

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