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January Fishing Report

Hello once again, to all of the Moors Resort and Kentucky Lake lovers out there. Don, Eric, and I hope all of you had a great holiday season and that 2019 has been treating each of you well! It has been a long time since I checked in, so I thought I would let you in on what has been going on, and then talk a little fishing.

My winter months do not consist of a whole lot of fishing, as I need to recharge my batteries, and my pursuits turn to deer and then duck hunting. Meg and I got to spend some time together and put some deer in the freezer for table fare. Nothing big, just tender morsels.

When the deer season concluded, with the exception of some late season muzzle loader hunts, my attention turns to duck hunting. I was fortunate to hunt 30 days out of a 60 day season, which was down from last year due to, quite frankly, the hunting not being so good. That was still a lot of hunting, and most importantly, I had a lot of fun, enjoying the outdoors and the people I was with. Today wrapped that up, unless I snow goose hunt. So, it's time to talk fishing.

We will soon begin our preparation for the upcoming year by dropping brush to create habitat for the Crappie, and any other species that will relate to it. Then, it will be tackle preparation and making sure the boat and all other equipment is ready to go. The brush piles are hard work, but we enjoy the social aspect and then the reward from catching fish from it.

Anyone that came to fish last spring knows that it was a very difficult season. Cold weather, wind, water fluctuations, and so on. You name it. We all encountered it. 2017 was the best I've ever experienced, and 2018 the exact opposite. After the spring, Crappie season settled in, and we were able to have a good season catching fish.

So, what does 2019 hold for us? I do not know that answer. As far as the Crappie fishing, I will say this based on what happened in my boat last fall. When I fished for Crappie, I was able to catch them and in respectable numbers for the time length I pursued them. Was it fast and furious? No, it was work and required moving and being persistent, but I have been doing this a long time and based on my experiences that is the norm. The fish we caught were all healthy, as you can see in the pictures. Most were gorged with Shad, which we do have in the lake unlike last spring. During the summer the White Bass would be full of Shad, and spit them up when you boated them. While hunting the lake this winter the Sea Gulls are dive bombing the water feeding on the bait, which was not the case last year. Hopefully, with stable weather and water conditions Kentucky Lake will return to more normalcy. Do I predict quick limits, and good numbers on Crappie? I would never be that bold, but I will predict the fish you catch will be of good quality. If you can find a guide to guarantee you a limit or big numbers, then you better go with them. I will not, but I will guarantee you effort, hard work, honesty, and first class treatment. If you would like to see some pictures of the fish we catch from time to time, check out our Facebook page.

For anyone interested in visiting the Kentucky Lake area, you need to check out the Moors Resort! It has everything a person needs while on vacation. If you do not like to fish, there are plenty of other things to do and see while in the area. I see Eagles, Pelicans, Loons, and Deer on a daily basis. If you need to get away, come visit Moors and get a taste of the good life in Western Kentucky.

If any of you are interested in fishing at anytime of the year, give us a call. We would like to spend some time on the water with you, and hopefully send you home with some fish. Give one of us a call. Chris 270-331-3519, Don 270-559-1366, or Eric 270-816-3519. You can also send us a message on our Facebook page. Thanks, and we hope to see you at sometime this year at the Moors.

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