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September Fishing Report

Hello again to all of our followers, Kentucky Lake lovers, and friends of Moors Resort. There has been a lot of fish caught, and water under the bridge since my last report. Before I get started on some chores this morning I felt the need to let you all know whats been going on with the fishing.

As of 4 A:M this morning both lakes were listed at 355.1 feet, and the temperatures which are recorded at both of the dams being at 83 degrees. Kentucky was forecast to generate 14,230 CFS with a slight increase later in the day, while Barkley was forecast to generate 18,600 CFS throughout the entire day. These generation schedules were forecast to stay the same through Sunday September 29. With that being said, each lake is one foot above winter pool. Be sure if you are boating on either lake to stay between the navigational markers if you are not familiar with where you are. I am not trying to scare anyone from boating on our lakes, but I sure do not want anyone to tear anything up . There is plenty of water to operate your watercraft safely in, it just gets a little skinny in some places.

Nothing has changed as far as what we have been trying to catch. We are still chasing the White, and Yellow Bass for our friends and customers. We feel like this is the best opportunity to put them on the most action, and send them home with fish to eat. We usually also wind up with some catfish, bass, bluegill, and anything else that swims in the lakes. One never knows what each bite might result in.

Our fish continue to come on inline spinners, and jigging spoons. I prefer the "Savage Spinner" which can be purchased at Sportsmen's Bait and Tackle In Gilbertsville .Be sure to stop in and see Brad Culp for tackle, and any marine repair you may need. I like this spinner because of the blade it has, which seems to spin easier than others I have used. My spoon of choice is a Kastmaster. The weights I use depend on the amount of current present, and also the depths being fished. Most of our fishing has taken place along the old Tennessee River channel. Any island, river bend, main lake gravel bar, or a ledge around the mouth of a bay are good places to look. Bridge piers are also another good choice. I like to use my Lowrance electronics to look for schools of fish and bait, and then just start fishing to see what happens. For anyone needing anything associated with

electronics, be sure to visit Matt Quinn and his gang at Hi Tech Outdoors. They also have a large selection of tackle, and outdoor equipment.

The fishing since my last report has remained pretty good. Some days are better than others as is the case in fishing. I will tell you that you cannot depend on one or two spots to produce. You better put in your time and have several cards in your deck to play as the fish are not always where they were the day before. Be sure to get on our Facebook Page (@Big kahuna's Ky Lake) to see the pictures of our catches. We would appreciate it if you would also like and share our page.

While summer may be officially over it looks as though we are going to have a return to unseasonable hot temperatures the next few days, followed by a cool down. Regardless of whether you fish or not some of the best boating weather lies ahead. Fall colors, cooler temperatures, and watching wildlife are among some of the things to enjoy. I cannot think of a better place to come stay and enjoy Kentucky Lake than Moors Resort. They have everything a person could ask for when visiting the lake, and you will not even need to turn the key on your car until its time to go home . There are many things to see and do while visiting the lakes area, and Western, Kentucky. If you are looking to get away for a bit on a vacation, take the kids somewhere for fall break, or spend some time fishing come check it out.

For anyone out there that would like to give the fishing a try give myself or Don a call, text, email, or message us on Facebook. Dons number is 270-559-1366, and email address is My number (Chris) is 270-331-3519, and email address is We would love to get to meet you, spend some time on the water, and hopefully send you home with some fish. You never know till you go, and the only guarantee is there is no guarantee! Thanks and God Bless!

The Big Kahunas Guide Service

Chris Hicks and Don Schnuck

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