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The Big Kahuna's Fishing Report

Hello to all of our Kentucky Lake fans, and fishing enthusiasts! We hope in  these times of uncertainty that each and everyone of you have been able to stay healthy, and continue living a normal life as much as possible. With reopening the guide business, and things hopefully getting ready to return to normalcy, I am taking advantage of a rainy day to share what I can tell you about my fishing world.

As of today Kentucky Lake is listed as being at 66 degrees with a level of 359.3, and 83,910 cfs being discharged. Barkley Lake is 69 degrees with a level of 359.2, and 49,000 cfs being discharged. By Monday the forecast is for both lakes to be dropped to 358.8, and the discharge on Kentucky Lake being reduced to 59, 070 cfs. The water clarity of both lakes is very good for fishing in my opinion, with Barkley being somewhat more colored up on the main lake and the outer portions of the bays.

As has been the case all spring it appears the weather will remain on the roller coaster ride we have been seeing. Strong north winds are in the forecast and we are under a frost advisory tonight. The highs are forecast to be in the 60's over the weekend, with lows each night in the 40's. Monday and Tuesday also look to be cool, and then we are supposed to get some warmer weather the rest of the week, with some increasing rain chances Friday through Sunday. With some stable warm weather, and warm nights the fishing should pick up. I think the fish have been as confused as I have been on some days about what to do.

With the cra