Ralph's Harborview Bar and Grill

Our restaurant is dedicated to the founder of Moors Resort & Marina, Ralph Moore, and to all of the hard work he put into developing this beautiful resort on Kentucky Lake! Here’s to you, Ralph! 

For the fastest service, download the TOAST TakeOut app on your mobile device or call 270-362-1412.

Ralph’s Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 11AM – 9 PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM – 10 PM

Ralph's Entertainment Schedule

Join us at Ralph’s on the nights listed below to enjoy and support some of our favorite local entertainers from 7:00PM – 10:00PM.

4/5 – Haleigh Martin
4/13 – River Dust Duo
4/20 – Carson Denfip
4/27 – Ethan Torsak

5/4 – Johnny Mac
5/10 – Haleigh Martin
5/18 – Leight July
5/25 – Ethan Torsak

6/1 – Todd Belt
6/7 – Johnny Mac
6/14 – Haleigh Martin
6/29 – Ryan Gilchrist

7/3 – Todd Belt
7/5 – Ethan Torsak
7/6 – Carson Denfip
7/19 – Johnny Mac

8/3 – Ryan Gilchrist
8/10 – Leight July
8/17 – Ethan Torsak
8/24 – Johnny Mac

9/7 – Todd Belt
9/21 – Ethan Torsak
9/27 – Johnny Mac

10/5 – Ryan Gilchrist
10/12 – Carson Denfip
10/19 – Leight July

11/2 – Ethan Torsak
11/9 – Johnny Mac

The Snackle Box

The Snackle Box is located in our full-service marina and contains the worlds best pizza and ice cream (or at least we think so!)!  You can find all of your lake essentials here while you are refueling your boat or renting a jet ski!  Here is a peep of what we offer!

Bait & Tackle

We offer a wide selection of tackle and other fishing related items. We also have live bait such as minnows, crickets, nightcrawlers, red worms, wax worms, & meal worms.


Our staff will be waiting at the docks to pump for you! We offer regular unleaded & premium unleaded.

Clothing & Souvenirs

Choose from items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, cover-ups, sandals, hats, sunglasses, cups, keychains, koozies, and moor

Food & Drink

We offer Hunt Brothers Pizza, as well as a variety of ice cream. If you’re on the go, we have drinks, chips, snacks, a limited stock of groceries, and packaged beer!

Marine Accessories

We can also make your boat happy! We stock fuses, bulbs, cleaning solutions, and other maintenance items, as well as rope, fenders, gas caps, and other accessories. 

Fishing License

Our crew would be happy to help you purchase your Kentucky fishing license so you can enjoy Kentucky Lake for all it has to offer!

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